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Learn about Cryptocurrency & NFTs from the U.S. Deaf Community's Leading Deaf Finance CEO!

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Learn about Cryptocurrency and how it’s changing the financial system that we live in today.  We’ll review different types of cryptocurrency coins

What Platforms to Use & How to Get Started

You’ll see what platforms are used and how they’re intergrated with your desktop, laptop and mobile phones. 

Understanding NFTs

You’ll learn what NFTs are and their many applications across platforms.  We’ll review how NFTs are utilized as a digital asset.

First Ever Crytpo & NFT Training Offered in ASL by the LEADING Deaf Finance CEO in the U.S!

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This FREE introduction training will be only 15 minutes long!

15 minutes of intensive information in ASL about Crypto, Platforms & NFTs could change your life and save you hundreds and thousands of dollars from mistakes, high fees or getting scammed! Don't waste your money on high priced training programs.

We believe everyone can handle and grow their finances. Crypto & NFTs will soon become a very important part of everyday finances instead of leaving your money in a bank account with depreciating value due to inflaition.

Learn why you should master this on your own and how it'll open up different opportunities for your career or hobbies, including working from home, gaming, community projects or special interest hobbies.

Free Webinar in ASl about Crytpocurrency & NFTs

2022-02-01 07:00 PM Pacific/Honolulu

Who is Joshua R. Beal, MBA?

Joshua R. Beal, MBA or "JB" is a 17-Year Financial Industry veteran in investments and tax preparation services - both with the HIGHEST legal compliance requirements of any financial services in the U.S. He was the CEO of Schwarz Financial Services, now DeafInvest from 2010 to 2018.

Cryptocurrencies & NFTs are NOT REGULATED! That means you have virtually ZERO protections from scammers and unprofessional people claiming to be "EXPERTS"! Don't waste your money on EXPENSIVE courses!

Mr. Beal hold a BA in Economics from University of Hawaii at Manoa, the first Deaf person to graduate from the Economics department at UHM. He has an MBA from RIT, attending graduate school as a Professional Fellow Scholar. He managed an investment company and founded to serve the Deaf Community. No one is more qualified to give you neutral, unbiased and information packed trainings on financial topics in ASL!

From 2006 to 2020, Mr. Beal had a PERFECT federal and state investment compliance rate with ZERO complaints or violations with FINRA while responsible for the management of $15+ Million dollars. He is proven to be ethical and responsible for handling client's money. Now he is ready to give you a HIGH Quality Training that will help you grow your Cryptocurrency & NFT knowledge that you can use right away!

Check for yourself, Mr. Beal is formerly registered with FINRA, the U.S. regulatory authority for licensed financial professionals. He was legally registered to handle personal investments for 14 years - 2006 to 2020 with ZEOR complaints or violations. Now that's a PROVEN track record of trust!

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Crytpocurrency & NFT Training in ASL Free Webinar

2022-02-01 07:00 PM Pacific/Honolulu

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