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Getting Started provides many services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. prepares your tax returns, sets up your business or organization, consults on many topics, performs bookkeeping, and provides many other business services. If you need to do your taxes and want to talk to us now, click the button below to get started.

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Tax Return Preparation


Low-Income Tax Service 

The low-income tax preparation service is only for Deaf taxpayers who earn less than $50,000 a year and have simple tax return. 

The fee $159 is for each individual tax return with Schedule A and B included only. Additional schedules as Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule E will be charged starting at one half-hour rate.

Personal Tax Returns 

Deaf Couples

If you’re married, we are experienced in working with couples that may be receiving part-time work and SSDI or one spouse is working while the other is a stay-at-home parent with SSDI. We can help you decide if you should be filing as Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately to reduce the tax bill on one spouse or another.

Deaf Seniors

For a retired couple, one of the biggest challenges is when the spouse dies, leaving the other to deal with all the financial matters including filing for personal income taxes. Sometimes the widowed spouse has no experience dealing with tax return filing. Knowing this and seeing this with many Deaf Seniors, we encourage you to begin working with Deaf Tax Professionals who can continue to assist you after your spouse has passed. We have many years of experience working with Deaf Seniors and many of the unique tax issues they deal with such as Retirement Distributions, Pension Distributions or Capital Gains and Losses.

Personal Tax Returns 


Self-employment tax filing has never been easier for the U.S. Deaf community! With many Deaf people working as independent contractors with companies like Uber, Lyft, FedEx and also with many small businesses for cleaning services, landscaping, automotive repair, video-relay technicians or customer support personnel and many more. Now you can talk with an experienced Deaf tax professional about your business expenses and income reporting in ASL.

Capital Gain & Losses

For tax payers with brokerage statements (1099-B) that show Interest & Dividend income, Capital Gains and Losses, Margin Interest expense and Investment broker commissions and fees. We are experienced financial professionals and understand important tax rules and consequences related with the Schedule D filing.


If you’re a landlord, renting out one property or multiple properties, we have been helping our clients for many years in reporting rental property expenses and income, including depreciation for household assets and property. Call us on the Video-Phone to see how we can help you with your Schedule E filing.

Non-Profit Tax Returns

Deaftax provides Form 990Form 990-EZ, and Form 990-N filing for tax-exempted non-profit organizations. Internal Revenue Service requires all tax-exempted organizations to file reports annually or lose tax exemption status. The deadline for annual filing is May 15 unless fiscal year is not January to December then it is 5 months after last fiscal month.

Form 990 is required for an organization that earns total revenue of at least $200,000 or have total assets at least $500,000

Form 990-EZ is required for organization that earns total revenue of less than $200,000 but more than $50,000 or have total assets less than $500,000

Form 990-N is required for organization that earns total revenue of $50,000.

Form 990-PF is required for all private foundations regardless of income and asset values.

Start Up Business or Non Profit


Start Up Business or Nonprofit

If you are Deaf, a CODA, or Interpreter and you are thinking about starting a your own business or a non-profit organization, we have the qualified Deaf professionals ready to make your vision a reality. You have an idea but need to get your business up and running? DeafTax can help you! We have been serving business and nonprofit for more than 20 years.

DeafTax provide these services:

Business Start-Up Service

Non-Profit Start-Up Service

The fee is hourly or flat rate depend on the service requested. The minimum hourly fee is $100. DeafTax have package plan. Contact us for more information.

The fee does not include filing fee and governmental service fee.

Quickbooks Online Bookeeping


QuickBooks Online Bookeeping

Deaftax Bookkeeping uses Quickbooks Online to deliver accurate and timely accounting & bookkeeping service for your small business or nonprofit organization. As an authorized Quickbooks Online provider, Deaftax will work with you through any computer and phone to keep track of your growth, profit, expenses, and payroll. As integrated part of Deaftax business practice of doing things virtually, mobile, online, and through Internet, Quickbooks Online give us the way to give you the bookkeeping services you need from anywhere in U.S.

With Quickbooks Online, Deaftax can do these for you:

We can use Quickbooks Online for these types of clients:

ASL Interpreters & Agencies

Growth in the ASL Interpreting field has exploded since the advent of Video Relay Services (VRS)!  Now more and more free-lance interpreters are seeking to establish themselves as business owners employing their skills and others as ASL interpreters in their local communities in education, employment, legal and medical settings.  By using professional online bookkeeping services in ASL, Interpreters who are CODAs, Supporters and Allies of the Deaf community can continue to thrive and operate in the cities where they live. Deaftax will work with interpreters to find expenses that can be counted as business costs, develop a system to keep track of income and expense, and help with self-employment taxes. Using Deaftax with Quickbooks, interpreters can send invoices to clients to be paid through bank/credit card and bank to bank ACH transfer for quick payment or use invoices to ask clients to send checks as payment.


Deaf State Associations & Non-Profits 

Deaf State Associations and Non-profits have Federal and State tax reporting and filing requirements in order to remain in active status.  With elected volunteers or officers, sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who is an experienced Treasurer that understands how to record and report financial information to members and donors.   Our service allows you to rely on financial professionals for all financial reporting for the Association or Non-profit. 

Non-Profit Services


Non-Profit Services

Maintaining tax-exempt status or applying for tax-exempt recognition can be a challenging task for any non-profit organization. provides a full array of services to non-profit organizations to help them to become more efficient and successful in carrying out their organization’s mission. The tax-exempt status of 501(c)3 is a valuable asset and the effort to maintain that status requires ongoing active attention to rules issued by Internal Revenue Service in order to remain active as a tax-exempt entity.

The services offers to non-profit organizations include the following:



Maintaining a solid financial standing and keeping a clear picture of finance are essential tasks needed for a non-profit organization to keep their operations going. Accurate and correct bookkeeping enables non-profits to track the incoming and outgoing flow of funds and to possess the necessary details need to accurately report the finances to the officers. Many non-profits have shut-down because of financial difficulties which often result from not being able to keep track of the organization’s funds. offers professional bookkeeping service through Quickbooks Online (QBO). By processing our client’s bookkeeping services online, it allows our staff and the non-profit treasurer to work together at anywhere and instantly.

The another benefit of using QBO is to prevent the loss of data or transactions due to change of treasurer, unexpected damage in the office or other organizational problems. QBO also enables a direct and secure connection to the nonprofit’s bank account, which enables easier tracking of categories of expenses and income.

Deaftax provide three levels of bookkeeping services, including Quickbooks Online*, for a monthly fee:

Level 1 Package $300
Monthly review
Transaction matching entry
Tax Preparation & Filing
Small size organization/business**
Less than $5k sale a month**

Level 2 Package $600
Monthly review
Transaction matching entry
Tax Preparation & Filing
Medium size organization/business**
Between $10k to $50k sale a month**

Level 3 Package $900
Monthly review
Transaction matching entry
Tax Preparation & Filing
Payroll administration
Tax consulting
Large size organization/business**
At least $50k sale a month**

If you want Payroll service, add another $100 plus $2 per employee to the monthly service cost if not included.

These levels include Quickbooks monthly fee and Quickbooks Online setup.

We may require 25% deposit of one year fee as a deposit to use our monthly service.

**Size and volume of the prospective client’s business will be reviewed and be determined by Deaftax for the appropriate category.

We offer a minimum $500 one-time fee based on the amount required to set up if the organization only wants a Quickbooks Online set up, which includes:

Apply for Tax Exempted Status

Obtaining tax-exempt status can be very difficult and frustrating process for anyone . Internal Revenue Service maintains a strict requirement and scrutinizes the tax-exempt application very carefully.

There are two different applications for tax-exempt status: Form 1023 and Form 1024.

Form 1023 conveys 501(c)3 status which is tax-exempt and can receive donations that are tax-deductible for individuals or firms. Form 1024 conveys 501(c) status for civic, social, and certain types of organizations that are not eligible to offer tax-deductions for donations. provides services for completing the Form 1023 and 1024 application.

Application Preparation charges $100-$200 a hour depending on the services needed for application.

Annual form 990 Filing

Deaftax provides Form 990, Form 990-EZ, and Form 990-N filing for tax-exempted non-profit organizations. Internal Revenue Service requires all tax-exempted organizations to file reports annually or lose tax exemption status. The deadline for annual filing is May 15 unless fiscal year is not January to December then it is 5 months after last fiscal month.

Form 990 is required for an organization that earns total revenue of at least $200,000 or have total assets at least $500,000

Form 990-EZ is required for organization that earns total revenue of less than $200,000 but more than $50,000 or have total assets less than $500,000

Form 990-N is required for organization that earns total revenue of $50,000.

Form 990-PF is required for all private foundations regardless of income and asset values.

The hourly rate for preparing the Form 990, Form 990-EZ, and Form 990-PF is $250 a hour.
This service includes one year free tax consulting and follow-up.

The preparation fee for Form 990-N is $100 flat rate.

NonProfit State Filing 

In all 50 states of USA, non-profit organizations are often required to file annual reports and get permits to do certain activities from the local or state government.  Internal Revenue Service is responsible for tax exemption status while the state is responsible for organizations’s corporation status. Some examples of required filings by the state & local governments are:

It is the responsible of the non-profit organization to comply with federal and state requirements to keep the tax-exempt status every year. Some forms or filings require fees for organizations to pay, which is the responsible of the organizations. Average annual expense to maintain compliance is about $500 – $1000 a year, depend on the amount of revenue from donations.

Deaftax provide a hourly preparation service to prepare the form for filing with the state & local government. Deaftax can search to see if non-profit organization is in good standing or needs to submit forms to keep the tax-exempted status. 

Non-profit Consulting provides consulting services to non-profit organizations to help the officers and the members to make better and more informed financial decisions based on IRS requirements, generally accepted business and financial reporting requirements.

We work with the non-profit officers and review each individual case to make the best recommendation. Officers’ training can be provided to learn how to run a non-profit organization and to develop a strong teamwork skill that is necessary for the organization’s survival. Training can be provided for treasurer to teach that person the accounting method, rules about non-profit finances, and how to generate the appropriate financial reports.

The consulting / training can be done through video call or in person. If an in person meeting is requested, mileage and transportation will be billed to the organization by

Contact us for additional information on pricing and services provided.



Our prices are usually lower than large-block tax retailers because we are a small Deaf-owned company focused only on the U.S. Deaf community. We don’t have large advertising campaigns on TV or hundreds of tax preparation locations.  We rely on speed, personal service and communication in ASL to set apart from the competition.  Our prices are based on flat-rate and hourly rates that are very affordable even when compared to others.

All our staff are Deaf and fluent in ASL.  All our tax preparers have at minimum BA/BS degrees in Accounting, Business, Economics or Finance. Both partners have MBAs compared to anyone who can work at large-block retailer with very little training or education.

Our experience and expertise makes it possible to complete your tax return quickly and accurately.  With our tax preparation service, we offer Audit Protection Plans to any Federal or State tax notices that may require you to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional taxes.  Our Audit Protection Plan takes off your pressure of communicating with the IRS — we handle all of the contact with the tax authorities from start to finish, ensuring that the case is resolved as early as possible.

With an 100% online service process using VideoPhone & email, we are able to take your tax documents virtually and match you with a Deaf professional tax preparer with a specialty that addresses your specific tax preparation needs.

You have 3 simple price fees for tax preparation service to follow – Low Income, Half Hour and One Hour.  

The average time needed to complete a tax return filing for our 85% of our Deaf clients is 1 hour or less. Only those with more complex tax issues and additional paperwork requirements may require more than one hour of tax preparation work before the tax return is fully completed.


Some examples of complex tax return filings include:

*All include unlimited tax advice for the full year of the tax return that was completed, follow up research on any tax-related questions you may have and free tax planning upon request.  

All For One Annual Price:


Individual or Married


Dependent kids of parents who are clients



Business / Corporation










Tax Consulting


FAFSA Preparation