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Most frequent questions and answers

The best way to get started is through our website buttons “File Now” or “Get Started”  which will ask for your name, address, email, text and videophone number.  

Once received and reviewed, our Front Desk will send you an email reply to confirm your request.  Be sure to check your Spam folder if not received within 1-2 business days.  During Tax Season (January 10-April 15th), you can make videophone calls to start your tax filing or to get customer service assistance. 

Monday – Friday / 7am to 7pm CST /1+(855) 280-5447.

If all else fails, you are always welcome to email us at:

Our headquarters are located in Hawaii and Virginia.  We have Associated Preparers (AP)s all around the U.S. now in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee and more.  

Our business is virtual, so we are available to all Deaf clients in the U.S. through the use of email, videophone and computer.   We operate in all U.S. time zones from Eastern (EST) to Hawaii (HST).

Email: &

Videophone: 1+(855) 280-5447

East HQ FAX:  1+(240) 706-7215

West HQ FAX: 1+(808) 356-0822


DeafTax HQ Postal Address:

DeafTax LLC

1423 Emerson St #214

Honolulu, HI 96813-2128

If you’re struggling with communication when working with a tax professional and your primary language is American Sign Language, then DeafTax is what you’re looking for!  

If you’re comparing cost and quality of service, we are competitive with any tax preparation provider in the U.S.  It’s just a matter of wanting the personal service that comes with communicating in ASL and being able to get all the information you need to make good financial decisions.

Lastly, we’ve worked really hard to make our service convenient for you.  Now you can use only your mobile phone to complete your tax filing with us.  We made it possible to make your tax service request,  taking photos and uploading to dropbox, picking your appointment time online, talking on the videophone with your tax preparer, reviewing and e-signing your tax documents all from your mobile device.  

Communication in ASL, quality and affordable service that can be completed using only your mobile device!

Yes, so far all our DeafTax staff and APs are Deaf!  Our focus is on communication in ASL for our Deaf community whether the client is Deaf, Hard of Hearing or CODA, we serve all communities whether Deaf or not.

The most common DeafTax service is personal income tax preparation service which includes Federal and State tax return filing is starting at $139 for low income taxpayers.  The low income tax service (LITS) rate is based on simple tax return 1040EZ with no additional forms and less than $45,000 annual income including social security, wages, sale of property, capital gains, etc.

On average our tax preparation fee range between $169-$294.   Our personal income tax preparation service rates are priced in three different segments:: LITS, Half Hour and One Hour with a separate Audit Protection Plan that is in three categories: Bronze, Silver & Gold

For business or non-profit tax preparation we charge the hourly rate plus the tax filing fee for each form (1041, 1065, 1020, 990, etc).

For consulting services, we charge half hour rate upfront with a follow up email and specific instructions for completion or we apply the half hour rate to your tax preparation service if you decide to use our service instead.  For a comprehensive price list, please see our PRICING PAGE

Yes, only if you have a refund that exceeds the service fees, you can qualify for Pay By Refund filing which allows you to obtain your refund minus the tax preparation fee and a small fee. 

If you do not have refunds, your tax preparation fee must be paid by credit/debit card, bank check or ACH withdrawal.  All tax returns must be reviewed, e-signed and payment accepted before e-filed with IRS or State tax offices.

For more information on Pay by Refund, please see this video: Pay By Refund

Tax preparation service includes accurate and timely Federal/State E-File, Taxpayer Tax Return PDF Copy, Taxpayer Dropbox folder and Personal Client portal via MethodCRM.  Each DeafTax client has the opportunity to meet with an Associated Preparer for a VP appointment or to complete the tax interview through email only.


All tax returns are filed only AFTER the client has reviewed the tax return document, married couples require both spouses, and completed the e-signature for final results.  Payment is processed online with debit/credit card using email and self-pay from the client’s mobile device or use Pay By Refund service with no upfront payment and the tax preparation fee is taken out of the Federal refund.

For additional service after completion of the tax return filing, Deaftax clients have the choice of three different Audit Protection Plans with Bronze included for all Low Income Tax Service, Silver is recommended for all DeafTax clients and Gold for the most possible tax service.  

We provide separate hourly fee service to resolve nearly all tax related issues which require half hour consultation to review and discuss complexity and mitigating factors required to be resolved in order to comply with all tax filing requirements.Please see our more comprehensive list of our services here

Yes. DeafTax has a strict accurate tax return policy — any errors made by DeafTax or Associated Preparers that result in IRS penalties and interest fee, we will take full responsibility for.   

The e-signature documents requires signed agreement to providing all that tax information accurately to DeafTax in order to accept errors.   If the DeafTax client does not provide the tax information or provides incorrect tax information, DeafTax will not be responsible for the IRS/State tax penalties or interest fees.

We are fully insured and carry Errors and Omission policy for the event that we do make mistakes.  If you feel we’ve made a mistake on your return, please contact your Associated Preparer or make a request through our Support page.

DeafTax provides the tax preparation service while TurboTax or USATax provide you the platform to prepare your tax yourself.   We do not use TurboTax or USATax platforms.

When you use DeafTax, we will do all the tax preparation work for you.   

The communication needs of the Deaf community tends to favor using ASL to speak face to face over the videophone and then a close second,  through email.   We have experienced professionals who know what to do with your tax information and what questions to ask you about your income and tax deductions.  Our goal is to always reduce your tax liability and or increase your refund as much as legally possible. 

H&R Block and Liberty Tax provide a geographic advantage to serve all U.S. taxpayers, but DeafTax has the communication advantage of American Sign Language (ASL) to serve Deaf taxpayers who live anywhere in the U.S. None of those companies offer flexible appointment times, videophone appointments, follow up advice, keeping copies of your documents or communicating through email.  DeafTax is focused on communication in ASL anytime needed during the tax preparation process.  We continue to provide ASL video content for all IRS updates and changes that may affect your tax filing.  None of the other companies do that for the U.S. Deaf community.

Many DeafTax clients come to use our service after unsuccessfully trying to file a tax return on their own with a hearing tax preparation professional because it’s become more complicated.  When it comes to more complexity, that requires more communication to cover more details.  For a Deaf person, it makes more sense to communicate directly with a tax professional that communicates in ASL and continue working together year after year

Your tax filing changes with many life situations including, filing a joint tax return with new spouse, retirement account reporting, investments with gains or losses, rental property for vacation home or self-employment as an independent contractor.  There are many complexities and rules in taxation that many non-professionals are not familiar with.  

DeafTax is here to provide you with that knowledge through ASL communication and to help you submit your tax correctly and accurately to the IRS & State tax authorities.