Cryptocurrency & NFT Intermediate Training for ONLY $99!

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Learn how to start & research wisely

buying and selling cryptocurrencies & NFTs in a series of ASL trainings covering more intensive information and strategies intensively than you coud begin to implement right away. This is for anyone who wants to LEARN without OVERPAYING thousands of dollars for complicated trainings that you will never use.

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What do you Learn
Financial opportunities for the future in Crypto & NFTs

Understanding Crypto& How it will change your Finances

Get an overview of the changing Financial Systems based on Blockchain technology

Setting Up your Crypto Accounts securely

Set up your crypto account securely and with regulated exchanges. Learn about most common scams that can catch you off-guard and we will show you how to establish good security practices.

How to Set up Diversification

You will get a guide on how to set up diversification with different categories of crytocurrencies.

You will learn how to research about NFTs

What makes a NFT valuable. Learn what to look for and how to make a decision on which NFTs to purchase. 

We will review several different types of NFTs

and learn about future applications that are expected such as earning $ for gaming, participating in the Metaverse and regeneration NFTs.

different NFT holder privileges

Learn about different NFT holder privileges add to the NFT value including live & metaverse access, merchandise, community causes, and more.

You can learn about this new financial wave and still have money left to start purchasing cryptos and NFTs that may increase in value!

Don’t fall for rip-off scams that claim to make your money without risk or requiring you to do everyday trading. We believe in doing what is simple and what is easy to understand. The turtle always beats the hare!

After this training, you will BE READY to begin purchasing cryptocurrency and NFTs without being stressed that you don't know what you're doing. We will give you the tools you need to be confident and avoid getting scammed!
Joshua R. Beal
Founder/CEO of

For $99

you will learn everything you need to know to get started in the 3rd wave of our financial system. This training is in ASL and given by the Leading Deaf Finance CEO in the US, Joshua R. Beal who is former CEO of DeafInvest and Founder/CEO of, serving thousands of Deaf clients in 45 states.

Don't miss your chance to change your life
begin before 84% of other American who have not purchased cryptocurrencies or NFTs. This training will change your life and open up a new door for your future.
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