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Accessible Financial knowledge to change Your world

Accessible Credit Repair Services in ASL

You’re here because you want to fix and improve your credit.

We recognize how important it is to have good credit, especially when financing large purchases such as a car or a home. Having good credit can make the difference of several hundred dollars a month on your car payment or hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments for your home mortgage over 30 years.

Having good credit will allow you to reduce the cost of your borrowing whether it is credit cards, auto loans or home mortgages.

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What we do here at DeafTax Credit Repair Services is to work with you to take the important steps to repair and improve your credit

Personal Credit Repair Services in ASL

Work with DeafTax, the Leading Financial Services Firm for the U.S. Deaf community

It costs $99 to sign up and $69 monthly for credit repair service with DeafTax and $30 monthly for the IdentityIQ app that works with our credit repair platform.

If you are a DeafTax client, the $99 Sign-up fee is waived. You start with signing up IdentityIQ and we can do a Credit Audit Report (CAR) with you right away.

We will review and discuss the CAR during your 2nd appointment. From there, we will start working to repair your credit score. After the 1st month, it will be a $99 monthly fee to repair your credit.

We recommend a 12-24 month commitment to raise your credit to where you need it to be. During CAR appointment, we'll see where you're at. The 400-700 range is where most people seek help to repair their credit.

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